Liquid Colorants

Multicoat's Liquid Colorant Jars are 4 ounce, pre-measured, liquid colorant tint, used to color select bags (50-lbs or 65-lbs) of polymer modified ce-mentitious coatings to various colors. Ideally suited for Multicoat's Micro-Topping, Overlay Stamp Mix, Top Kote, and Krete Kote systems. Can also be used with other bagged ce-mentitious products.

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  • Single Component Packaging
  • Easily Disbursed in Water
  • Eliminates Measuring
  • Low Cost
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Consistent Colors
(Do not make a final color selection from this online color chart.
Please call us to request a printed color chart.)
Grey Sage Clay Brick
Sand Taupe


More Information

Surface Preparation

Follow the appropriate application instructions for system or products being installed.


Measure clean water to be mixed with bagged material. Start with a clean mixing container, add water. Thoroughly shake each jar prior to opening. Pour in the number of 4 ounce jars desired. Then mix with mechanical mixer until thoroughly dissolved. While stirring, slowly add dry bagged goods into colored water.


Follow application instruction for material (system) being applied. All Krete Kote, or Multi-Stamp Mix applications must be sealed with either Multicoat's Acrathane Colorseal or Multicoat's Clear Sealer.


When using the Liquid Colorant Jars the final color of the finished projected will be affected by several factors; workmanship of the placed material, thickness of the material, weather conditions, substrate absorption, mixing, etc. It is understood that there is the possibility of color variations in the final finished appearance.

Up to 3 jars of colorant can be used with a bag of material to increase the depth of color to be added.


Do not apply if precipitation is expected with twelve hours of application. Do not apply if ambient air temperature is 40° F and falling or above 100° F and rising. Do not add other materials to the mixture of the product.

Packaging & Storage

4 ounce jars, 12 jars per case. Store jars in a cool, dry location. Store away from direct contact with the ground or concrete. Protect from weather and other possible damage. Shelf life is approximately 18 months in unopened jars.


Clean with warm soapy water immediately after use. Once dried, material will require mechanical means for removal.