Scratch Kote:
Pool and Spa Renovation

Scratch Kote is a super bonding coating forming a hard rough-textured base coat to provides an ideal surface to which new pool plaster will bond by both mechanical & chemical means. Similar to gunite in appearance & function. Scratch Kote eliminates chip-outs, brown coats, etc. & minimizes down time. Multicoat the premier system in use today.

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  • Minimum Down Time
  • Substantially Reduces Labor and Equipment Costs
  • Eliminates Excessive Substrate Preparation. No Need for Chip-Outs or Axing.
  • Even Suction While Plastering - Smoother Plaster Finish
  • Substantial Savings on Plaster (Marcite) Materials
  • Virtually Eliminates "Pop Outs."
  • Trim Tile, New or Old, Can be Placed on Steps and Seats During SCRATCH KOTE Application



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