The Legacy of Morrie Howard

Throughout the years, there have been people from all backgrounds who have lived lives that serve as examples to others. Although not perfect, they strived to work and live by a moral code—a compass—that declares, “I’m here in this world to help others—to help you.” Many times, these individuals placed others above themselves, sometimes sacrificing more than just a little.

Morrie Howard was born in December 1929. He has two brothers, Garth and Gilbert, and a sister, Carol. He graduated from Rigby High School in Idaho. He loved to sing, though not in the high school choir. His friend Gale wasn’t sure if that was because he was too good a singer or not good enough. Morrie was apparently well-liked and easy to converse with. He has a son, John, and two stepchildren, Debbie and Greg, with his wife, Laurel.

He was so highly regarded and respected that Demar Baron assisted him in opening his own business. In 1979, he indeed established his own company, “Morrie Howard Pool Plastering, Inc.” With his wealth of knowledge and experience in the swimming pool industry, he was also active in the National Spa and Pool Institute (N.S.P.I.) during that time. Upon retiring from his company in 1999, he was sought out by many of his competitors for employment, but he came knocking on our door to discuss with his friend Dave Maietta (CEO) about a job. He started working 5 minutes later. He has continued to faithfully serve the pool industry as an expert in pool restoration and renovation for decades. In his spare time, if not spent in a pool somewhere, he can be found on the golf course. But his first love is traveling the country, advising, training, and educating plasterers and finishers in the proper methods of preparing and redoing swimming pools. Throughout his tenure in the industry, Morrie Howard has been rewarded with six decades of lasting friendships, business associates, and the like, all of which he continues to cherish and appreciate.

Morrie Howard built himself a legacy. His name carries more weight than that of an average bystander, resonating not just with a handful of people but with an entire industry. It isn’t solely because he excelled at what he did, although he certainly did. It isn’t just because he was a pioneer of his craft, although that too is true. It isn’t even solely because he is a good man, which he undeniably is. The name Morrie Howard embodies the characteristics of its owner: trust, pride, compassion, humility, dedication, and love. Morrie’s life story can be likened to a pool, with its areas of depth, waves, and splashes, all motivated by the desire to have a joyous time with loved ones.

Here at Multicoat, we will always hold Morrie up as the epitome of who we aspire to be—for our customers, our friends, and most crucially, for ourselves. Starting in October, every bag of Morrie’s favorite product, Scratch Kote 2000, will bear a sticker linking to this page. This serves as a reminder not only of Morrie but also of what it means to be a craftsman who genuinely cares about their work, their family, their friends, and their enduring legacy.

From all of us here, we miss you, we love you, and you will forever hold a place in our hearts.

In Honor of Morrie Howard